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June 2020 

Although the State has reopened most businesses, we are encouraged to care for the health and safety of ourselves and others.  In that spirit, we offer and encourage appointments by video conference or telephone.   In-person appointments are also available and, in some cases, may be necessary.  Anyone coming into the office must wear a mask or face-covering. To avoid any congestion in the lobby, when you arrive in the parking lot you should call from your car to let us know you are here.  We will let you know when to we are ready for you in the office.  

Delivery of papers by fax or email is appreciated.  You may hand-deliver papers and materials by placing them in the drop box right inside the office door. You should bring them in an envelope or folder, with your name in the outside. 

Currently all court buildings require all persons entering to wear a face covering.  Only attorneys, parties to the case and witnesses who will be testifying that day, are permitted in the court buildings at this time.  The courts do not permit support persons to enter the buildings.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we all work through this process of returning to normal while keeping each other safe and healthy. 


Real people have real problems, and the legal team at Valerie Juergens Wilt Attorney at Law understands that. When legal troubles have you in a tailspin, when you are hurt, scared or confused, you can be confident that, with more than 30 years of combined experience we can help you through this and help restore your sense of security. We are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate and vigorous representation for our clients in Springfield and Clark County, Ohio, as well as Champaign, and Greene Counties.


We serve our clients with integrity and professionalism; we fight for their rights to the fullest extent of the law. It is equally important to understand and prioritize our client’s goals. To maximize our clients’ results, our clients need to be equipped to make informed decisions, so we keep our clients informed during each step of the process. Because most people are new to the legal system, we think it is important to explain things to our clients in a way that they can relate to. We help our clients understand and evaluate all of their options and make educated decisions. We customize each client’s legal strategy based on the unique nature of our clients’ needs.


Often when clients come for their initial consultation, they are hurt, scared or confused. At your initial consultation we will discuss your concerns and explain the legal implications. It is vital that you trust your lawyer and feel like you can communicate with her. You want the right “fit” for your legal representation. Because some people will consult with more than one lawyer before deciding who to hire, we will ask you for enough information to understand your problem, explain what the process will involve and quote a retainer, while still respecting your privacy as a potential client. Because each case is different, retainers are based on each client’s unique circumstances.


Once you have made the right choice and decide to hire Attorney Valerie Juergens Wilt, we will ask you to supply us with all of the details and information we need to effectively represent you and maximize your outcome. Sometimes you don’t have all of the information we will need. Not to worry. We know how to get it from other sources. Once you have hired us, you will be able to access various forms and information packets through this website to stay organized and informed.

We welcome you to use the menu tabs to learn more about our lawyer, our staff and the work that we do.


Valerie Juergens Wilt